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Women’s Self-Defense

Women’s Self-Defense Training

BJJ is the best martial art for women to learn for self-defense and domestic violence.

The Physical Advantage of a Bigger, Stronger Attacker

Although uniquely defined, sexual assault, rape, domestic violence, spousal abuse and date rape, share the same origin. Essentially, they are all just horrible outcomes which result from a man who has a need to conquer or dominate a woman to affirm their masculinity. They leverage their size and strength advantage to overpower their victims in an effort to establish dominance and humiliate them.

The Strategic and Tactical Advantage of the Martial Artist

Leverage is defined as a strategic or tactical advantage. When used as a verb, leverage means to exploit that strategic or tactical advantage. When it comes to Women’s Self-Defense, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is that strategic and tactical advantage.

BJJ is a martial art that was developed with one goal in mind, to allow a smaller person to overcome the physical advantage of a larger opponent. Simply put, BJJ is the science of Physics applied to fighting. The BJJ fighter uses leverage, technique and strategy to systematically gain control of the altercation and ultimately render their opponent unconscious or incapacitated.

Women must learn the techniques needed to end the fight and escape to safety quickly. More importantly, these self-defense techniques must be easy to learn and the woman must be able to perform them in a life or death situation.

With extensive BJJ training, any woman is capable of overpowering and controlling a much larger, stronger and more aggressive male attacker. A woman trained in BJJ uses a skillful application of physics to negate the physical advantages an attacker may possess.

It just takes a month of training in BJJ for a woman to see just how skilled she has become in the art of grappling. When a new male student walks in for his first BJJ class, the woman will be shocked at just how easy it is to dominate a larger man who has no grappling experience. All men think they can wrestle, but the reality is that grappling is an art form. There isn’t a single person in the world that is born knowing how to wrestle. In fact, we all make the same mistakes when we first grapple. BJJ has identified all of these common mistakes and makes quick work of anyone who has never been a wrestler or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner.

It is imperative that if you or someone you know is in need of life saving self-defense training, that they chose Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for their studies. Try a class and you will see. At Team Link BJJ in Enfield, CT we offer a 30 Day Free Martial Arts Trial with no obligation. We are so sure that we will prove to you the effectiveness of our art and will fall in love with the science, that we are able to give a month away for free.

Team Link Women's Self-Defense Training
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