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Welcome to Team Link MMA & BJJ

Home of The 2013 Hartford, CT NAGA Overall Team Champions. We can take you to a level as a fighter that you have never dreamed possible make you or your child a Martial Arts Champion as well as increase your physical fitness and improve your overall health, self-confidence, and well-being.

We're passionate about teaching the Martial Arts to men, women and children of all ages, Martial Arts experience, and levels of fitness and continuing to prove ourselves as the most dominant MMA and BJJ team in Connecticut.

"If you want to become a champion, train with the champions at Team Link BJJ."
-Kirik Jenness

Kid’s Martial Arts

Team Link is home to the most dominant Kid's Martial Arts Team in CT. It's not a coincidence that our Kids are the 3x Hartford NAGA BJJ Team Champions and have won over 12 NAGA Team Championships over the past 5 years. BJJ is very complex and not many coaches effectively teach this martial art to kids.

The Team Link BJJ training method is so effective because we teach the martial arts the same way your child is pre-programmed to learn. We immerse your child into Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and they begin to learn as quickly as their first language.

Women’s Self-Defense

If you are interested in Women's Self-Defense Classes, there is no Martial Arts school around that has as many women as Team Link. Coach Brian American is renowned for his volunteer work training self-defense to women in his annual Free Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Seminars.

We promote a safe, family-oriented atmosphere at our gym and you don't have to worry about only being able to train with men who are twice your size. We have plenty of women for you to train against and you will feel welcomed by the respectful students at our gym.

MMA & BJJ Training

There's no replacement for quality instruction when it comes to learning the Martial Arts. Team Link Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu was at the forefront of BJJ and MMA in CT since 2006. We soon became the most dominant MMA & BJJ team in not only MA and CT, but all over New England.

We quickly became the top BJJ team around by winning the NAGA Overall Team Champions in little over a year. Our success and dominance never lost momentum and we have become the biggest MMA & BJJ team in New England.To be the best, you must train with the best!

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Kid's BJJ

  • Sunday- 11am-12pm
  • Monday- 5pm-6pm
  • Wednesday-6pm-7pm

Adult BJJ

  • Sunday- 9am-11am
  • Monday- 6pm-8pm
  • Wednesday- 7pm-9pm
  • Friday- 6pm-9pm